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– Do you want to learn better English for your career?

Welcome to the site.

I set up rjcfraser – Business English Colloquium in 2018.

With many years experience, I saw what worked in the normal language schools and what didn't. What you see here on this site is the fruit of my experiences. 

Firstly, material is real. 

For every course we decide together on which books to use. The links and Pdf's on this site can be used as resources.

Secondly, I have learnt that writing is an important part of learning. Learning to write in English can be a great way to move your English higher quickly.

Correction and speaking are another important element. 

I make notes of all lessons, and send a written copy to you after the lesson. We review the words from the previous lesson every week, and analyse in writing what grammar and vocabulary could be added. 

I hope this site will show you one of the most important things about learning: 

– Making clear and precise notes.Taking care of work, being organised and presenting your work is important. 

My goal with this site is to encourage your study. 

Discussion on business, political and cultural issues – and hard work – is something that can move your English up quickly and open doors for your career. 

What I offer is for people who don't want to waste time. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch (Menu – 'Offer').

Best regards,

Richard C.

rjcfraser – Cross industry experience. 

Arts & Architecture

Banking & Insurance

Pharma / Life Sciences

Local government / Academia

Trading companies 

Basel's Global Spirit

Real discussion of business topics. 

English text books are designed for the mass market. Under 12 Key Business Topics we have produced an alternative. 

  • Real links to real texts and news stories, for 12 of the most often discussed themes in business. 
  • With reading, ongoing consultation and writing, we support you to move your English higher.  

Study Techniques for Language Acquisition

Speaking fluently. 

We give feedback and correction regularly through and after our conversation. Homework and written work relates to the class content

When learning English as a second language (ESL) a number of skills are identified: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and Grammar (For example, each of these areas are tested in a Cambridge exam course).

Learning to speak at a higher level is possible when we organise our study to identify new words and new grammatical structure. There are thus two additional skills that help us orient our study.

  • Fluency
  • Accuracy 

Learning words in expressions or in sentences, we read texts and note the grammar. 

The language we have noted we can then integrate into our conversation in the lesson.

Think about your own first language. As a native speaker, when we were children we learnt words first of all singularly, for example 'cat' or 'tree', but as we got older then we learnt language in 'chunks'– together with other words. 

  • For example 'Sales figures have not been good this year' or 'We should have spent more on the advertising campaign'.
  • In sentences blocks of words come together; for example: 'Have you spoken to Mike in Sales yet?' – 'Yes, I will speak about the results at the strategy meeting on Friday.' 
  • I have highlighted the grammar and the two-word expressions.

Level Requirement

Minimum A2 level.

Cambridge Business English Tests

Bec Vantage / Higher + First Cert / CAE / Proficiency (see Menu)

Time Requirement

1-4+ hours per week.

Aims and Objectives 

Set in consultation.


Agreed in consultation.


Basel region and international online.


At Syngenta, Richard was the first teacher to really go into precise detail about the difference in pronunciation for Chinese students. Very impressed by Mr. Cooper's methodology and his passion in teaching!
I liked working with him a lot.

Henry L.

As an order manager at Novartis, Basel. I have worked with Richard since 2012. Richard has helped with presentations, meetings and pronunciation in English. We practice talking in meetings, discuss business vocabulary and look at study techniques.  I can recommend him very highly.

Edith R.

Many thanks for the inspiring lessons over the last 3 years. Handelszeitung. 

Seraina G.

Business English coaching brings together psychology, practical philosophy and high level communication skills. 

My free time Is spent reading, staying up to date with current affairs, and writing on related themes. Oh, and the Mrs, and two cats (German, Siamese and Ragdoll). My favourite place in Basel? The Lesegesellschaft .

Richard C.