English Coaching for higher levels


Start Level B1+ 

Aims and objectives: Striving to achieve challenging goals will almost certainly bring obstacles. With English Coaching, we discuss our plan, and review after 10 weeks. 

  • School English is usually A2. Our minimum start level is B1.
  • Homework: I advise minimum 2-3 hours per week.

Skill sets: When learning (ESL) English as a Second Language, a number of skills are brought together: 
Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and Grammar.

  • Coaching sessions focus on Speaking and Listening. 
  • Correction and homework focusses on Reading and Writing.

Benefits of English Coaching

In the workplace there are many benefits to improving your language skills. Not only does better English improve meetings and relationships with clients, but it helps you better manage your energy levels while at work. In my experience higher level English helps clients get more out of their professional lives and move in new directions. 

Our work is tailor made specifically to fit the different situations our clients are in. We work with vocabulary, grammar and literature that is relevant to our clients work and life. We place high value on in depth feedback and consultation. With long experience in language teaching and coaching we can offer a high quality package to meet specific needs and goals. 

What's it like working with me?

Fluency and accuracy are best developed through Speaking: the most efficient way to learn higher English is in Conversation. With a focus on speaking on a variety of themes: about books, news articles, work and daily life, I give detailed high level English correction, and feedback. Helping you unlock the potential of language to shape your life, career and character. From (B1 +) to Advanced (C1) and Proficiency (C2).

Realising aims and objectives is a skill. Like any skill, with practice, new things can be learned, and achievements gained. Every one of my students / clients is completely different. I take the time to prepare and provide you with the best experience possible. I enjoy what I do and I get you results.


Henry L: 'At Syngenta, Richard was the first teacher to really go into precise detail about the difference in pronunciation for Chinese students. We also looked at report writing, speaking in meetings, and did specific poetic speech exercises. I was very impressed by Mr. Cooper's methodology,  professionalism and his passion in teaching! I liked working with him a lot.'

Michael W: '
As head of IT security at a private bank in Basel, Richard was a great help preparing for meetings with international clients. He gives you practice of real conversation rather than getting stuck in text books. He always offers great corrections at the end of the lesson.'

Silke B: '
I have been studying for a further education masters degree for my work for a retail chain company in Basel. Richard has coached me in work related issues and in academic writing and has contributed to making a big difference to my results in essays and to my job in the work / office environment.'

Markus P. '
Our team works with IT for a media company in Zürich. The working language is English. We have worked continually with Richard since 2018. Richard goes beyond the standard language learning offer. He is well prepared, knows a lot about many areas of business and gives clear and detailed grammar and vocabulary explanation. Our team of 6 people come every week to the online Zoom sessions with enthusiasm. Richard sends reports and summaries of our sessions and posts regularly on Linkedin. Richard has a good sense of humour that makes learning enjoyable and makes sure all members of the team have the corrections they need to move ahead.'

Edith R: 'As an order manager at Novartis, Basel. I have worked with Richard since 2012. Richard has helped with presentations, meetings and pronunciation in English. We practice talking in meetings, discuss business vocabulary and look at study techniques. Richard has continued over the years to be a very insightful coach and gives me often new ideas to use in the corporate world. I can recommend him very highly.'

Seraina G. Handelszeitung: '
Many thanks for the inspiring lessons over the last 3 years. I very much appreciated your way of teaching because it was very focussed and tailored to my specific needs; you have a very deep understanding of both languages, English and German, and therefore were able to show the differences in thinking between the two languages; I also liked your enthusiasm about languages and your broad general knowledge which made it possible to work on conversation on a wide range of topics.'

Kerstin J: '
Hi Richard, thank you so much for the lessons. Working for HR at a multinational company in Zürich, we have had 'duo' lessons, with the other student working self employed with English speaking clients. We were looking for a more focussed coaching approach to learning English and  with your experience we were impressed. Reading a book together and talking about themes form the book and from work, you have helped me move my English higher and understand grammar better. I feel much happier with my English now and we are looking forward to working with you more in the coming year.'

Tobias R: '
I work for a multinational company in Rheinfelden. Richard has helped me prepare for the Cambridge Business certificate. He has helped me clearly understand my strengths and weaknesses and improve my English. We have worked on writing tasks, emails, reading and listening tasks. Most of our sessions have been online. Online learning works well and Richard is always extremely well prepared to answer questions and show me study tips for learning efficiently.'


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