Business English 

– Aiming high for your career.

We offer high quality teaching and coaching services that go beyond the normal language schools on the market.

Tailor Made Courses

We work together with companies to provide packages that suit different kinds of students. 

From 1:1 coaching to groups looking to do specific exams, we assess and provide a package. What is right for a CEO in terms of communication may be very different from an administrative assistant.

Of course, sometimes our courses need to be formal and professional, but at other times it is informality that brings a group together.

One of the advantages of working with a range of private individuals, companies and groups, is our experience of providing courses for a variety of interests. 

Coaching for Strategic Learning

Business English coaching is about prioritising real discussion and speaking about topics relevant to your work. 

Additionally, there are the skills of business correspondence, writing and presentation, and interview technique. We expand vocabulary and grammar as your level improves.

In lessons we practice interviews, consultation and appraisals and learn to deal with customers better at social events. 

We also work on writing, emails and practice typical conversations that come up in work, whether on the telephone or face to face.

Are you developing a team to go abroad or welcoming a team from overseas?

Coaching in Business English can combine with the overall training package for employees. 

International networking: We focus on  getting your English ready for conversation with English speaking clients. 

Employees can discuss ideas as they would in team meetings, developing key professional qualities:

  • Organisation
  • Assertiveness
  • Collaboration
  • Presentation
  • Networking Skills