Active listening 

A good coaching relationship builds through conversation: finding consensus and trust through speaking together.

This in turn develops the language we need to speak about subjects more deeply and thoroughly.

It is helpful to contrast active with a passive form of listening.

It's important to keep a conversation going until both participants feel they are comfortable. We have all experienced the problem, where each person defends their belief of what the 'right' opinion is. 

However, this approach only causes problems. Active listening builds an ongoing relationship through conversation, finding consensus and trust through speaking together therefore stimulates new ideas out of collaboration.

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Often in work situations, to think carefully about the other person with whom we speak, means we have to to assess how far we understand their position, their motivation and their goals.

When we withhold judgement, when we think more broadly about a subject, we can come to see a situation from a new perspective. – One that we didn't have before we engaged in this thought process.

In all kinds of situations, it is important to reflect and consider how we speak. In English coaching we work at developing our vocabulary and at the same time work at developing our ability to interact in a professional way.

Alain Badiou The Subject of Art 

Basic ideas of psychology can account for a variety of phenomena. 'Projection' is the word to describe how we imagine others to face the same problems and think about the same issues we currently face. This may be far from the truth, but our psychology is sometimes stuck in self-referral.

Interactive Senses

English teaching and coaching, develops high level communication skills.


Yes, there are things to be done and deadlines to meet. And there are things that need to be said to people and no doubt things that will be said back to us. 

Progress in language and the development of a professional personality has to mean developing an impervious shell to what the world might throw at you. 

There are many stresses and challenges that arise in the modern business and corporate world. 

Our task is to develop a perspective that can rise above immediate difficulties, and use language to help us describe the insights that help us better the situation.


Drawing ideas to a conclusion to focus on the essential is an important skill in any meeting. 
In every day conversations the mirroring that occurs when we use the words our partner is using builds rapport. 

When we practice a more formal kind of speaking we learn to integrate examples, pros and cons and to reach a conclusion in what we say. When we do this regularly on a range of topics we become capable of more careful discussion.


Correcting the flow of our ideas is as important as the truth or falsity of them. When we are ready to check a mistake and refine an opinion, socially we are making ourselves into a more resourceful person. 

Of course, to actively and calmly listen to opposite opinions to our own enables us to develop further qualities of character. Education has to be a development of character as well as knowledge: – the two work hand in hand.